Fox yawned and stretched, sitting up in his bed with a smile. He looked over the sleeping form next to him. Running a gentle hand through Shojo’s hair before he got off the bed. Dragging his feet through the apartment. Oh yeah… Smokes and Jimmy were at Fidget’s tonight. 

He chuckled to himself, starting to cook breakfast for the two. Remembering the events of the day. How drunk Snippy was, Smokes crying on the floor to Walle, Melodia making Benji turn completely red, Foxy and her little dance, his show.

He turned from the pan as the eggs fried, sending out a mass text.

[To: Lady Carmina, Queen Melodia, Songbird, Fucktruck, Bromom, Stickler-Walle, Emily Sweetness, Pb&J, Citizen Snips, Hot Foxy, Mika-san, Chao-chao, Fix e’m up Marie, Cybertronic.

Hey guys. Just wanted to send a thank you to everyone that came to the party! It was a blur for me! I hope everybody enjoyed the show and had a good time. I haven’t even started opening gifts yet! Love you guys all! Happy Birthday!]

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[Reply to: All]

Mr. Fox:

I will never allow myself into the vicinity of alcohol again.


"By "The Bidwells", you don't possibly mean the John and Annie Bidwell, of Butte County, California, do you?"
asked by Anonymous

Spot on, chap!


I visited the Bidwell Mansion in Chico several years ago before this character even existed, and fell in love with the architectural design as well as the rich history. When I designed Snippy, I wanted something to tie him to Californian history, and so I sort of just slipped him into the lives of these people and changed a few facts and names to better fit his story. I didn’t want to use Annie’s name, so I used Steph-anie. Although, when I get around to storyboarding for this upcoming comic, I will change around a few details and elaborate on his origins and creation, and thus his creator as well.

A cool fact, however, is that when I went through the tour again just this last month, I got to see a part of the house I hadn’t the first time around: Going into the kitchen, you pass through a room that happens to be a butler’s closet. Funny thing is, they didn’t have a butler. (Of course, in my mind they did.)


wish me luck i have to go be a human being :c

I tried that once; it didn’t work out.

"Snippy, my dear! It feels like ages since we spoke last. How have you been?"
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Simply awful! This Ms. R has been taunting me relentlessly for the past week because of my lack of depth perception. I believe this evil woman will be the death of me!

Well that’s no good. [chuckles] Should I get you a walking stick to prevent you from walking into anything you shouldn’t~?

Hell, I walk into things even with fully functioning photoreceptors. You’ll simply have to come over and guide me with marshaling batons.

They’ll glow in the dark, and play obnoxious music when I wave them. It’s a win-win for you, honestly… you’ll never run into walls again, and I’m almost certain Ms. R will go insane.

Let us hope. Say, do you by any chance know how to repair my photoreceptor?

Hmm. I never picked up very many mechanical tricks from my brother… though, I’m sure he’d be happy to help! Would you like me to ask for you?

No, that’s quite alright! Your brother downright terrifies me more than R does, believe it or not!

That little munchkin, really? He’s harmless~. For the most part… [clears throat] His temper is about as tall as he is, though. Ha! We should lock him and Ms. R in a room together and see what happens.

I’m certain the universe and time itself would collapse.

A black hole of sarcasm and anger issues would open up and devour the known cosmos.

What solomn day that would be.

Journal Entry #10
3 January 2014

My left photoreceptor cut the other day and Ms. R refuses to fix it. My depth perception is awful without it, and she finds it amusing that I keep running into walls.


Merry X-Mas, Snippy! Oh, do not mind the mistletoe… heehee! Pucker up, boy!

Oh, my!

And to this day, Captain, Pilot, and even Engie have yet to realize that Charles Snippy is actually a steam-powered automaton.
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Snippy © th3worldonfir3
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